Web application development

An application that resides on the Intenet and is accessable from anywhere. A web application usually incorporates one or more databases and is mostly data driven.

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A web application essentially is a website which also functions as an application used to streamline business processes.

Unlike a normal website, online application development requires allot more programming as it is mainly database driven. Think of a website like Facebook for example.

These types of applications vary in size and complexity and most information displayed on this type of website is retreived from a database.

We mainly develop on the Microsoft platfrom which uses .NET, because of better security features. We can however also develop your website in PHP wich is geared more to usability. Various other technologies are incorporated to create a user friendly and intuitive experience.

A web application/s is usually at the the heart of an organisation and all staff revolve around the application to fulfil its inputs and outputs.

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